Ashkeling Bay Area Hotluck 2004 - for Wimps! - May 15, 2004  
Last Updated: June 3, 2004
Statistics: 197 guests attended (!)

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We had to do it - we had to kneel to the wimps. Although, Scott's real motive was to get the wimps kneeling. The secret agenda was to get them in the door, and then promote them to the next level. Even our professed Überwimp neighbor Annette ventured from the wimpy table. Another year of drama at the 2004 SF Bay Area Hotluck.

Picture credits this year go to Yolanda, Marty, and Roswitha and Scott.

Before the Burn  
This year was shaping up to be a well-attended event, the largest ever. As usual, we started preparations several days before. Roswitha started by making the Gulash, Habanero / Herb Spaetzle, Serbian Bean Soup and baking the Strudel. Scott started the brisket smoking at 6 PM Friday, and prepared the dough for the Pig Newtons. By the time of the Hotluck, things were well under control, and ready to get crazy.


Now all we need is food!  The Hot table  It will fill up soon enough 

Please sign in 

Jane joins the first wave 

And it gets rolling...  
It could not have been a better day - sunny, but not hot. As people showed up, they signed in, labelled their dishes (Wimpy, Swee'Pea (medium), Popeye (Hot)) and indicated if the dishes were vegetarian or (eek) low carb. The dishes were outstanding, as always, if a little too wimpy. (We're REALLY going to have to do something about that next year...!? ). The Demon Rum did its damage for the sixth year running.

Roswitha and Carol Ann at the prep counter  Chris, Pam, Janice, Robin, and server 

Is this really wimpy, or medium?  Diana assembles her lovely pulled pork sandwiches  Who is that mysterious woman? 

Akemi and Danny  Chris cuts a cool melon  Scott & Roswitha 

As usual, it was impossible to keep up with all the different dishes, although many people tried.

Pig Newtons  Scott slices up the Pig Newtons 

A few sauces from the collection 

Thai shrimp  The hot table  Three levels of green beans - in cool dishes 

Medium  Hot stuff!  Yum 

Finger lickin' good  Roasted veggies  Just a little more 

The dessert table  More desserts 

Michael with his pulled pork 

This year 197 people joined us (including party crashers) - thank you to everyone for the outstanding dishes and a great time. Among this year's innovations was the availability of whipped cream cannisters - to be sprayed in the mouth for an immediate cool-down. People also figured out that the cream puffs were great cool-down bombs. See, we were not that mean to the wimps.

Another innovation was high-tech ice cream. A normal (well, not entirely normal - it had ground Red Savina innards in it) ice cream preparation was rapidly chilled with liquid nitrogen. Tasty.

Scott puts the mixture into the mixing bowl 

Mark pours while Scott stirs  Boil and bubble  The crowd looks on 

Dan lends a hand...  ...and improves the process 

Want some? 

A few of the people who showed up:

Food Panorama 

Joe, Jane, Marty  Roswitha has a laugh  Yes, Jane?  Moshe, Joe, Tony look on  Joe holding Sam, Tony  Harry & Laurie  Kayleigh looks scared  Laramie seeks the heat  Look over there - is there more melon I can get on myself? 

Moshe, Todd, Joe  Tony & Ingrid  Art looks skeptically at Scott  Part of the Maurer clan  Stories  Urvashi and Monika  Svensons  Signing in at the arrival desk  Angela and Pascal sign in (big pot there!) while Scott tries to sort out the slide show  Serious eating 

Yum  Enjoying melon  Wearing melon  Ken and Eleanor  Eleanor, Michael, and Ken  Roswitha, Bob, Mark - eating and wondering what to get next  Katherine decides how to label  Natalie, Tessa, and Elana  Sherman, Susan, Michelle, and Ingrid  More arrivals 

Hi, Pat!  Angela's stylin'  Johnnie & Luba  Good, Pascal?  Maritza, Urvashi, and Ann  Rajeev & Bill  Demon Rum making your world spin, Stewart?  Smile!  Nice garden  Rich and Bev 

Melissa and Pat browse the green table  Hot, Luba?  Joe, Olivia, and Tony  Lynn tells Sophia how hot it was  Serious eating  Bob, Carrie, and Francis compare notes  Roswitha and Charles  Rekha  Rolling will not put out the fire  Dennis obviously liked Angela's style 

Scott cuts into the Hottermelon  Pascal tempts the Demon Rum  Charles, Pat, and Chris  Lew, Karel, Melissa  Art, Bob, and Fred  Little body, big watermelon  The picture pit  Denis and Jane have a hard time staying awake  Love the heat!  I need two drinks to cool it down  Farai, Dale, and Julee (note Dale's glass of milk) 

Ken and Mark  Sybil takes the heat  Charles and Debbie  Greg moves on to dessert  Pascal and Angela  Latha and yet-to-be-nominated  Quite the crowd  The Scotts  Bill and Michelle  Eleanor, Rich, and Bev 

Jane's having a good time!  Is that a big chile, or are you just happy to see me?  Farai and Jonathan  Bubbles  Stacy and the little wimp  Denis and Joel  Hot, Maria?  Ann and Maritza  John 

Mark, Diana, and Jane  Art  Latha and Meena  Michelle and Jane share a laugh  Yolanda  Lee, Roswitha, and Annette (Überwimp no longer) 

Aparjot and Roswitha 

We don't need no stinking tastbuds! 

Stewart and Ann  Aparjot, Stefano, Michelle, and Sherman strike a pose  And night falls  ...  Through a screen, darkly  You, OK, Fred?  Great shoes, Sue  Vincent cools down  Two self-professed wimps  How did we fit them all in? 

Earl tempts the Demon, with Jane and Jane watching 

Johnnie  Mark, Angela, Pat  Lew  That's an evil look, Mr. Demon Rum...  Vincent tries to wipe his mouth out  Nice hat, Bill    Dennis  Joe  Q 

Mark tells the story of the baby Red Savinas...  ...While everyone looks on  Smile!  Do bubbles work as cool downs?  Lookin' up  Good desserts  Too much fun!  Kanae and Ingrid  Rekha's taller  Johnnie and Roswitha 

Jon channels Demon Rum  Bill enjoys ribs  Farmworkers  Greg's enjoying himself  Michelle and Jane  Roswitha chooses a weapon  Roswitha and Francis  Scott tries his Hottermelon 


Thank you to everyone!

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