Panoramas by

The basketball courts

Reflections in the pond

Near the ice rink

Along 59th St.

Team 5-4

A curve


Great Lawn

Boat Pond

Behind the Met

A morning meeting with the artists

The Lake at night

A path through 5-4

A path through 5-4

Around the pond


Around the pond

On the pond, yet again

From the bridge

Bridge and pond

Along the pond

Another corner of the pond

A corner of the pond

Along the pond

Near Bethesda Fountain

First snow

Safety cones

South end


Waving in the wind

A walk through the gates of section 5-4

Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill

Childrens' Gate at night

Childrens' gate with snow

Near the field

Along the mall

Some gates

Safety cones near the Boathouse

A large triangle before unfurling

A large triangle after unfurling