Ashkeling 2005/6 trip - Middle East & Indian Ocean     Last Updated: 12-Apr-06

Itchy feet have gotten the best of us - it's time for another trip.

This one was fomented by our friends Suku and Latha, who are taking their end-of-the-year vacation. They decided to meet Suku's parents (who live in Bangalore) somewhere in the middle, and settled on Dubai, followed by some diving in Sharm el Shekh Hurgadah the Seychelles. While they cannot get away for longer, we can't see flying all that way for only two weeks, so our full nine-week itinerary (starting 8 December 2005) is:

Rosi is watching the house and cats (danke!), and we're off. We hope to be posting as often as we can.

SFO to Dubai
We flew from SFO to JFK airport (5 hrs), and then on to Dubai (13 hrs) and Bahrain (1 hr.) The AA red-eye flight from SFO to JFK was uneventful, and we did not buy the pitiful snack they sold on board, although the smell of the business class meals coming from the adjacent galley woke me up a few times. Our bags were theoretically checked through to Bahrain. (note subtle foreshadowing) We arrived in JFK a bit early, but then had a long walk to the airtrain. The line for the Emirates check-in was long, but shortly after we got in line, it extended all the way around the corner. As the guy in line in front of us said, it looked like some people were taking a full house with them. We had a snack (coffee and a really bad bagel), and then boarded the plane.

The flight was really comfortable. The seats were very good, and the personal entertainment systems kept Roswitha watching movies most of the flight. (I slept pretty well.) The food was rather tasty:

Breakfast out of JFK

Snack over Europe

Lunch over Turkey

Our route

Dubai to Bahrain
In Dubai, we had time to browse the Duty Free shops (wine prices are reasonable, scotch is typical) and have a cappuccino. The airport is a mix of people, ranging from full chalabi to westerners in shorts.

Flying to Bahrain, we saw the Burj al Arab, one of the Palms (manmade islands in the shape of a palm tree - you can buy a lot and put a house on it), and not much else, because it was very foggy. Breakfast was a croissant and a sweet roll.

Burj al Arab - 7-star hotel

Wanna buy some land?


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